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First Children’s Assembly in Sarajevo Canton

We are proud because today we held the First Children’s Assembly in Sarajevo Canton as part of the Children’s Week, under the auspices of the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, Displaced Persons and Refugees.
The Children’s Assembly was officially opened by the Speaker of the Assembly KS Ana Babić. Chairperson Medina and the Vice-Chairperson of Tarik led the assembly and the representatives of the children’s clubs of the assembly – Imran, Melika, Ema, Emina, Anis, Eldar, Adnan, Bakir, Semin, Amra, Muhamed, Adis –
– a club of children with disabilities
– a club of children without parental care

– a club of typical children
– a club of children from the boarding school

from Service Center “Give us a Chance”, KJU Children’s Home Bjelave, Zavod “Mjedenica” and elementary schools.

The support was provided by the students of elementary schools “Aleksa Santic”, “IV Osnovna”, “Fatima Gunić”, “Sokolje”, “Osman Nakaš”, “Čengić Vila”, “Osman Nuri Hadžić”, “Grbavica”, Novi Grad Sarajevo , MUP KS III PU – Police in the community, flower shop “Višnja”.